Success principle: people buy from you

Understanding this success principle is recognizing that no one succeeds without other people. One way or another you will need other people to be successful. Getting other people’s help requires those people to buy from you.

It doesn’t matter if you’re interviewing for a job, asking for someone’s vote, or selling someone a service; every circumstance requires other people to buy from you.

Although you may shudder at the thought of being a salesperson, keep in mind that everyone is a salesperson and so are you, your success depends on your ability to do it right. You’ve been selling since you were a little kid. Remember how you would sell your mom and dad the idea of ​​buying you something? You were persistent and determined. At the time you did not understand that you were selling and your parents discouraged this behavior. However, if you ever want to be successful at anything, you have to be able to sell yourself. Your ability to sell yourself starts with the people you want to sell to, knowing who you are. Don’t like buying things from people you know instead of a complete stranger? Most people do. Being able to use this success principle starts with helping the people you want to buy from get to know you.

Your parents had to love you, other people don’t even have to love you. However, you need people to like you in order for them to buy from you. People like people who help them better than anyone else. How can you help the people who know you and with whom you want to work? This help must be given without strings attached, or simply by manipulating people. You don’t like being manipulated and anyone else. When you try to manipulate people, you ruin your chances of people trusting you, and that’s the next key element in this success principle.

People like to buy from people they can trust. You trust people who put your needs before theirs. When you show your understanding and help them figure out the best solution for them, people will trust you because they know you’re not just looking for #1. Earning the trust of others is a big part of selling yourself and implementing this. principle of success

When people buy from you, they empower you. They give you the power to help them. They empower you to reach other people like them. They give you the power to grow, expand and achieve success. You have to earn the empowerment of others, but the rewards are well worth the effort.

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