The advantages and disadvantages of using an induction cooker

Solar cookers are definitely the most efficient way to cook our food, since they use a renewable energy source that is very environmentally friendly and free. However, this technology is still in its infancy and still has a number of drawbacks and drawbacks that would make it difficult to use for everyday cooking in our modern society.

However, a kitchen technology that is now rapidly gaining popularity may be the next best thing. This is known as the induction cooker. However, does it really offer more advantages to immediately switch from our traditional stoves and electric grills?

To better answer this question, it is best that we look at the different advantages and disadvantages of using this kitchen.


• Security. The traditional gas stove that we have exposes us to an open flame apart from the gas leak that can occur if the appliance is not used or maintained correctly. As for electric cookers like those with heating coils, we are exposed to coils that burn red when used. These can be safety hazards that one can easily eliminate with induction cookers. The induction cooker would only activate when it comes into contact with a material that has enough ferrous content, so even if you put your hand on it while it is on, you won’t get any response.

• No waste of heat. On gas cooktops, less than half (40% to be exact) of the energy you consume is used for cooking, unlike induction cooktops which use about 84% of the energy you consume for cooking.

• Precise heating. You can adjust the heating of the induction cooker instantly and it provides a constant and precise amount of heat.

• Esthetic. Unlike gas, it leaves a byproduct that can be seen around your stovetop area, this one doesn’t have one like any other electric cooktop. However, the nice ceramic surface and hidden cooking element make your countertop look cleaner than old traditional kitchens. Plus, it takes up less space, giving you more space to work or more storage space for your kitchen.


• Required Ferromagnetic Materials. You can only use cooking vessels with ferromagnetic materials. You cannot use regular Pyrex, copper or aluminum pans. This is due to the fact that the electromagnetic system of the cooking element is activated when it comes into contact with cookware made of a substantial amount of iron. However, you can always buy the induction disc to work as an adapter allowing you to use non-ferromagnetic cookware on it.

• It is powered by Electricity. While this isn’t necessarily a disadvantage, it can become one in the event of rampant power outages in your area.

• No flames. This can only be a disadvantage from the point of view of those who love to cook meals that require charring certain ingredients over an open flame.

The induction cooker can have its drawbacks, but generally when it comes to energy efficiency and safety, this is a good cooker. In addition, although it is a new technology, it does not cost more than your traditional kitchen and can be purchased at a reasonable price.

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