The Belgian Michaël “Maverick” Looze finishes second in the Heartstone Masters Tour Ironforge

The official Heartstone season finally kicked off this weekend with the first stage of the Heartstone Masters Tour.

Played online for health security reasons that have become obvious, the discipline’s official circuit will be made up of six rounds this year, all bearing the names of cities from the Warcraft universe.

This weekend was therefore the first virtual stop in the beautiful city of Ironforge (now Forgefer in the French version). Nearly 400 players left their suitcases there for three days (for the best) of intense competition.

Three Belgians were able to find a place there: “SupoZitWar” (Loud Esport) and “Floki” qualified thanks to their good ranking in the game and Michaël “Maverick” Looze (Solary) out of one of the hundreds of qualifications organized upstream of the tournament.

If the black-yellow-red had a hard time shining last season on the Masters Tour, things seem to have changed this season! Besides the 239th final place of “SupoZitWar” with four victories for five defeats, we will especially note the accession to the top 8 of our two other compatriots!

In the first phase of Swiss rounds, “Floki” even managed the feat of finishing unbeaten with nine successes in as many games! He is the only player to have managed to keep his invincibility at this point in the competition. A first place that allowed him to start the playoffs with the status of the number one seed.

Unfortunately, after a 3-2 success against the Russian Grigorii “Noflame” Adamov in his round of 16, the Belgian will be eliminated in the next round by losing 2-3 against the Italian Marco “Turna” Castiglioni ( Exeed Esports).

But the Belgian performances did not stop at this magnificent top 5-8! The Belgian from Solary, Michaël “Maverick” Looze, will do even stronger than his colleague by reaching the final of the event!

After his eleventh place in the first phase (seven wins for two losses), our compatriot has chained the successes in the final tree: 3-0 against “CaelesLuna” (Canada), 3-2 against “Sidi” (Greece) and 3-0 against Masaya “Betrayal” Sasaki (Japan). A faultless process that allowed our compatriot to reach the ultimate duel of this Hearthstone Masters Tour Ironforge.

Unfortunately, the fatigue of these three days of competition and the level of play offered by his opponent of the day, the Chinese Huang “Xiaobai” Dehui (KaiZi Gaming), got the better of “Maverick”. A dry setback, 0 to 3, will definitively extinguish the title hopes for the Belgian player.

The latter still finished in an excellent second place, which allowed him to leave with $ 17,000 in his pocket and 19 points in the general classification of the Grand Masters.

This result also erases a complicated 2020 season for the player from “Solary”, the latter having failed (so far) to shine his colors in Masters since his arrival in the French structure.

Today it is done, bravo to him!

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