The Covid has widened the social divide with the homeless: “People spend less in the streets and therefore give less money”

Two nurses from Liège provide care to people living in the street.

Under the imposing glass and steel roof of Liège station, dozens of homeless people occupy the corners of the main hall, often in the shade of passers-by. Isolated and mostly forgotten, these people mainly suffer from indifference. And, to say the least, the Covid-19 pandemic has further desocialized those who live on the streets.The hardest part is not seeingto be all these people without being seen, says Michel, 57, leaning against a wall near the entrance to the station. Psychologically, it’s mal. ”

In this time of health crisis, “People spend less in the streets and give less and less money”, he notes.

A worrying situation for this population made vulnerable by the virus. Despite everything, Michel keeps his morale up. “They are very nice.”

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