The iPhone looks good, but I can carry more memory on my keychain

Apple recently had the grand presentation of the new iPhone. The excitement these new releases have generated is incredible, but fully expected, I mean, it’s from Apple we’re talking about. The company that has people lining up outside the flagship stores 2 weeks before a new product launch. With all the fuss, of course, I called my service provider and looked at when an update was due, and my mouth was watering at the prospect of a shiny new iPhone. Hanging up the phone satisfied with my upgrade potential, and already Googling the latest covers to protect my potential new phone, I came across an article that advertised the largest SD card to date, a 512GB mammoth! Granted it is not a Micro SD card, but it is the start of something. If SanDisk is making SD cards with such a powerful punch, it won’t be long until the smaller version is making waves. There is already a 128GB version out there. Apple is pretty much the only smartphone that doesn’t have a MicroSD slot.

I don’t know about you, but this really makes choosing my new phone that much more difficult. As a current iPhone user, I am aware of all the advantages of iPhones, the way they ‘just work’, the sleek design, the smart user interface, the programs that work in harmony with my Macbook, iPad, Apple TV , etc. I am also fully aware that the most annoying thing about my iPhone is that it is a terrible excuse for the memory to be only 16 GB. This is fine for the first month or so while you’re using your new phone to its fullest capacity, but after a while you get that dreaded notification (no, not that your ex is in a relationship) “Out of memory, you can’t take photo “. You then end up going through your photo library in some kind of frenzy of elimination massacre, only to end up missing the moment you wanted to capture. It is a problem that we all encounter with Apple. They are stingy with the stock memory in their devices. They have us in the palm of their hands, if you want to have more memory you have to pay for the bigger version of the phone, sometimes they even release a bigger version a couple of months after the initial launch. It was not helpful at all.

So when I read that the iPhone 6 will have the largest memory yet (128GB), I saw a possible light on the horizon when it comes to sufficient storage in an Apple product. 128GB is a lot, right? Well, I thought that until I read about the 512GB SD card. Look, that’s 4 times the memory of the iPhone 6 at 128GB. With one of those on my SD card keychain, I’ll literally have four times the space of the iPhone 6, in the palm of my hand. The beauty of SD cards is that they are removable and interchangeable, so you can carry several on a keychain – one for your music, one for your photos, and one for your movies.

This means that if I can resist and avoid the hype from Apple fans about the latest team at the earliest time, then there should be hope for me. It seems that Android could be a viable alternative for me. Having spent some time researching it and researching the latest Android gadgets and stash. I have to admit that I am quite impressed. If you were to buy an HTC, Nexus or LG or any other Android phone, which not only has an open operating system, but has the versatility of having MicroSD memory cards, then it seems that you could start to enjoy a whole new kind of mobile phone. .

So Apple, in all its glory, has a few flaws, as we know, but I think one of its biggest flaws is that you’re stuck on iOS. The OS is sleek, its UX is lovely and smooth, as we all know, but you’re stuck with it. You have to use the Apple store to get apps, you have to use Apple approved products, I didn’t care until I saw someone had their Android phone with Super Mario Smash Bros, with two controllers (here) They sold me, that open functionality, along with MicroSD cards that you can increase when and when. It is very appetizing.

The appeal of Android is growing as you can create some of the most useful recipes with If This Then That, which are not possible on iOS. It is an open operating system, insofar as it will not void your warranty by loading a certain program on it. All those things are good, but the fact that I can have a very large memory on my phone, for a relatively cheap price, is what makes me personally a convert, and when that time comes, when the MicroSD card comes out. larger. I’ll be there with money in hand ready to get it. Great memory, interchangeable, that you can carry on a keychain for a decent price.

I’m sold … your Apple move.

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