“The Lottery can reopen, not the betting agencies. Outrageous!”: The sector drinks the cup

For the sector, there is inequity and risk that punters dive into illegal sites.

Covid obliges, the paris shops are closed. Which angers the private sector. On the other hand, the provincial centers, the “Lotery Shops” of the National Lottery have reopened each time, since the start of the crisis, the businesses have been able to do so. And there, it is the disbelief and the feeling of iniquity which invade the private operators. “I want us to reopen our stores“, claims Yannik Bellefroid, president of the Professional Union of Betting Agencies and CEO of Ladbrokes.”We do not play on an equal footing. The government does not apply to the public service what it refuses to the private.

In addition, Yannik Bellefroid points to a danger hovering over the players: “One of the missions of the state is to protect them. However, when we close the legal operators, they turn to illegal betting sites. The government sponsors the black economy. Today, we are able to close Trump’s Twitter accounts, but the Belgian state is failing to limit illegal betting activities.


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