These new high-tech objects at the service of runners

The massage gun to improve recovery

It is the new fashionable device in the world of sports. Massage guns are ubiquitous and we even see some trail runners carrying them in their suitcase when they go to races (see our test). Easier to use than electrostimulation and more “fun” than massage rollers, their popularity seems to be skyrocketing. Even if it means abandoning the simple and effective detour by a small bath of cold water as a recuperation.

Because, between work, family life and the search for eight hours of sleep, training often finds itself stuck in a mini time slot of your day. And if you find the time to stay in shape, recovery is usually the one that goes unreported or goes down the drain.

The massage guns, which landed in Europe after invading the United States, want to provide an easy solution to this observation for all those who have neither the time nor the budget to afford a massage session after each training. Be careful, this is not a substitute for doctors or physiotherapists but a product that aims to help recovery and relaxation through an effective and easy massage.

How it works ?

From a technical point of view, massage guns are equipped with a motor that transfers movements (ripples) back and forth. Different tips allow you to locate the pressure and work depending on the area. The device therefore simulates the effect of a massage by repeating these vibrations at medium or high frequencies on the muscles. This percussion therapy would relax muscle tissue in areas where stiffness has accumulated. By rapidly “pulsing” these muscle fibers with gentle pressure, we would be able to relieve pain and improve blood circulation.

Bone conduction: listen to your playlist without being cut off from the outside environment

Bone conduction. At first glance, it is difficult to make a direct link with running. However, this audio transmission technology can revolutionize the practice of sports for those who like to listen to music while moving!

The principle ? Sound waves are transmitted directly to the inner ear through the bones of the skull. These are the ones that act as eardrums. The sound emitted in this way therefore bypasses the eardrums and goes directly to the ear. Usually the sound passes through the air through the ear canal before reaching the eardrums and then being directed to our inner ear.

For runners (or other sportsmen), the great advantage is the gain in terms of safety, especially in urban areas. The ear, clear, remains listening to the outside environment, despite the music. All with excellent listening quality, even if the bone conduction does not compete with conventional equipment of the same price.

You should also know that one of the first to use bone conduction was none other than the famous musician Ludwig van Beethoven, who wanted to continue playing music. He had for that placed a common thread on his piano which he clamped between his teeth, the vibrations were then transmitted to his jaw. This allowed her to continue hearing the notes despite her hearing problems.

The Aftershokz brand is the main player in this market, with models between 90 and 170 €.

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