To pay homage to the deceased, she creates a QR-code recalling memories

Virginie has developed a concept driven by deeply human values.

Born in Belgium, Virginie Allard has worked as a stylist in big houses such as Dior and Chanel and today hosts the show “Success Story” on Belgian radio Arabel. But behind his professional activity, we discover a person who fights with a heavy past to make it a force, an altruistic project based on a single tool, the QR-code.

During the pandemic, many digital migrations took place within companies and hospitals, in particular with QR-codes. It is a barcode which, by scanning it with the camera of your phone or tablet, leads to a relevant page. A digital tool, fast and practical, which is today at the service of many sectors and activities.

For each family, Virginie created a pink or blue QR-code, depending on the sex, intended for the tombstone of the deceased. Some attach it to the funeral urn or to a symbolic object. She also offers to engrave the QR-code on the marble of the tombstone. At the request of some people, it also offers this service for deceased pets.

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