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There was a time when at least one Will Smith movie could be trusted to make it to the big screen every year, but it’s been pretty quiet in front of Will Smith since 2008. Although not in front of the camera, Smith he’s been busy behind him, helping produce his son Jaden’s film “The Karate Kid.” But the good news is that Will Smith will be back in front of the camera one more time when he stars in the next “Men in Black” movie, yes, they are making a third one. So while we look forward to more alien hunting action, here are my top 10 Will Smith movies to keep you entertained.

10) The Legend of Bagger Vance (2000)

Rannulph Junnah had it all, he was a great golfer, a legend in Savannah and he dated the beautiful Adele Invergordon. But after he’s gone to war, all that changes when he returns to Savannah, a changed man more interested in drinking and gambling than playing golf. Meanwhile, Adele, who has inherited both a golf course and her father’s debts, is forced to find a way to raise some money quickly and sets out to organize the best golf game ever. Having joined golf legends Waler Hagen and Bobby Jones to play, he convinces Junnah to play after the locals demand that a local player appear alongside the greats. Having lost his confidence and his swing, it seems like Junnah is destined to disappoint, but when a mysterious man named Bagger Vance shows up to caddy for him, it seems things are turning around for Junnah.

I must say that although I enjoy “The Legend of Bagger Vance”, it must be said between the mysticism of the character Bagger Vance and many zen-like golf sequences, everything is too much like a fairy tale. But then Will Smith delivers a charming, funny, and intriguing character in Bagger Vance who turns a lot of the nonsense into an entertaining movie.

9) Men in Black (1997)

While chasing a criminal, James Darrel Edwards III discovers that he is facing someone who is not human and draws the attention of Agent Kay, who introduces him to the secret agency MiB, whose job it is to control all the aliens living on the planet. without being detected. Having convinced Edward’s to join this special agency, becoming Agent Jay on the spot, they find themselves in the middle of things as the planet faces destruction unless they can discover an alien terrorist looking for ambassadors from other planets.

While the sequel fell short, the first “Men in Black” was a hilarious movie that not only gave Will Smith a box office hit, but also a song that topped the charts. It’s the kind of performance we like from Smith, which offers a lot of humor mixed with action and with the surprise couple of Smith and Tommy Lee Jones doing so well, it’s a fun movie from start to finish.

8) Hancock (2008)

John Hancock is a troubled man, on the one hand he has super powers and tries to use them to do something good, but he also loves his drink, which often leads to his good intentions ending with disastrous consequences and a trail of destruction. But while trying to make a good turn by saving public relations agent Ray Embrey from being hit by a train, he inadvertently finds himself a new best friend who sets out to improve Hancock’s public image. All of which is fine, but for whatever reason Ray’s wife isn’t too happy to see Hancock being welcomed into her home and not just because of his accident-prone ways.

Well the first thing is that “Hancock” the movie is not great, it’s like two movies merged into one and the mix feels completely messed up. But thankfully Will Smith as does John Hancock, with Smith creating a memorable baddie hero and delivering some action-packed comedy moments. But just like in the movie, Smith’s performance suffers with the first half being excellent, while the second half being less than excellent.

7) I, robot (2004)

In the year 2035, technology and robots have become a part of life, much to the annoyance of Detective Del Spooner, who has a dislike for all the robots he encounters. When Dr. Alfred Lanning, the man credited with creating robots in their current form, is found dead, Spooner is called in to investigate what many think is suicide. But Spooner and his technophobic attitude lead him to suspect that Lanning’s death was not suicide but murder, committed by a robot who somehow managed to kill despite the rules preventing it.

To put it simply “Me, Robot” is a Will Smith movie, a serious and futuristic movie, but also an action movie. So what we get is Will Smith delivering an upbeat performance in more ways than one, showing off his impressive physique while working out while simultaneously delivering high-paced action sequences, all of which have a touch of humor, thanks to the delivery. of Smith. sarcastic dialogue. While it’s kind of a serious movie, it’s hard to take it completely seriously, but Smith delivers an impressive performance.

6) Bad Boys (1995)

Marcus Burnett is married and pecked, Mike Lowery is single and a womanizer, but they are partners and work for the Miami PD. When a considerable quantity of drugs is boldly stolen from the police safe house, Burnett and Lowrey have only 72 hours to retrieve the stolen drugs and catch the criminals. It’s not that simple when a confusion leads them to have to pretend to be each other in order for a witness to come out.

Although Will Smith had already shown his talent on the big screen, it could be said that “Bad Boy’s” was his first big movie where he was one of the main stars. It’s another one of those movies where it delivers exactly what people like, so we have action, we have comedy, and Smith creates a fluid operator in Minke Lowery. But it has as much to do with Martin Lawrence’s performance as it does with Will Smith’s as to why the film works creating a memorable police alliance for a new era.

5) I am a legend (2007)

In 2012, New York was abandoned after a miracle cure for cancer mutated and left those who were treated with it into flesh-eating zombie-like beings. The only person left in New York is Robert Neville, who is determined to discover the cure for this mutant virus, even if it means he faces a daily battle to protect himself from these zombie-like beings that roam the streets of the city. night.

It must be said that “I am Legend” is a film that has ended up dividing the public. Some were captivated by this type of horror story, while others felt it was a weak adaptation of Richard Matheson’s original novel. Whether you like the movie or not, what’s for sure is a solid performance from Will Smith, who is not only the only character in it for much of the time, but also brings that last surviving sense of fear and loneliness. in a busy time. town.

4) Ali (2001)

Covering the years between 1964 and 1974, “Ali” is the story of the boxer Muhammad Ali. A turbulent decade in the life of boxers covers aspects of him becoming a black Muslim, his friendship with the influential Malcolm X, his decision to change his name, and his relationships and marriages. And of course it covers his boxing career and his struggle to be able to box again after refusing to join the US military.

“Ali” is another Will Smith film that divides audiences because for many it covers such a small part of the legendary boxer’s life, but also because director Michael Mann has such a stylistic approach to films that it often doesn’t feel like it. a mainstream. movie. Like it or not, it’s hard to ignore Will Smith’s impressive performance as Muhammad Ali. First of all, the increase in volume he made with Ali’s physical resemblance is impressive, but it captures all the little gestures, the quick feet, the way he pronounces the words, almost everything is perfect and it is a shame that the film in I did end up dividing the crowd because it’s one of Smith’s best performances.

3) Six Degrees of Separation (1993)

The smugglers Flan and Ouisa Kittredge (Donald Sutherland & Stockard Channing) are about to hit the streets when a young man shows up at their New York apartment claiming to have been mugged and needs help. Introducing himself not only as Sidney Poitier’s son, but also as a friend to Flan & Ouisa’s sons, he delights them with stories from his life and prepares a meal in compensation for their kindness. But when the Kittredge insist that he stay the night, they are surprised because not everything is what it seems and they decide to discover the truth that surrounds this young man.

Considering that in 1993 Will Smith was best known for his comedy and in particular for “The Fresh Prince of Bel-Air” seeing him take on a serious role in a movie whose roots were on stage is very impressive. In fact, Smith’s portrayal of the charming and eloquent young man in “Six Degrees of Separation” is what makes it work like a movie, and his delivery of some thoughtful monologues makes for a powerful thing.

2) Seven Pounds (2008)

Haunted by a tragic secret, Ben Thomas seeks to help 7 deserving people in hopes of finding redemption through his actions. But when Ben starts his plans for help, nothing can stop them, except that he was not taken into account because he fell in love with one of those he chooses to help and that ends up transforming his life.

Before you even say anything about Will Smith’s brilliant performance as Ben Thomas, you have to say that “Seven Pounds” is a breathtaking, moving, and moving movie that is brave and different from the normal mainstream. But a lot of what makes him so good is the best performance of Will Smith, who takes on a difficult, almost mysterious character and makes us love him, defend him and when he feels emotion, so do we.

1) The Pursuit of Happiness (2006)

Based on the true story of Chris Gardner, who during the 1980s not only found himself practically penniless, but also as a single father when his wife left him. Often forced to live out in the open, to sleep in the toilets and to queue with others to get a room in a hostel, he manages to do an internship to become a stockbroker in hopes of making a better future. and safer for your child.

There is so much I can empathize with in the Chris Gardner story and as such it is a very moving and powerful story, further enhanced by a Will Smith performance that should have won him an Oscar. It really gets into the mind of someone who has no money and shows the emotional side of not knowing where the next meal will come from and all the desperation. But at the same time, it’s an inspiring performance and story that makes “The Pursuit of Happiness” my number one Will Smith movie.

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