trampoline springs

Trampoline is a popular recreational activity around the world. In fact, its popularity has made it a competitive event at the Olympic Games. A modern trampoline composed of a stretched fabric attached to a metal frame with the help of springs. This arrangement helps launch a person several feet into the air.

Trampolines can be differentiated into two main categories, namely recreational and competitive. While recreational trampolines are used for general use, the competitive variety offers more bounce and is portable. The bounce of the trampoline depends on the quality of the fabric and, most importantly, the tension of the spring.

Trampoline springs are one of the most essential parts of any trampoline. Spring-based trampolines are more durable and offer a higher bounce compared to inexpensive rubber band trampolines. The trampoline spring is one of the main differences between recreational and competitive trampolines. The latter type has stronger springs with higher spring tension to provide additional bounce.

Trampoline springs are usually made of galvanized metal. This prevents rust even if the trampoline is kept outdoors, exposed to moisture. Steel and zinc are the most common material choices for these springs.

To enjoy a smooth trampoline experience, the springs should be checked regularly for wear. Since the springs support the entire weight of the person, they experience maximum tension. Springs should be replaced when the elasticity of the spring wears out. This can be easily detected when the spring does not return to its original shape when detached from the springboard. The spring hooks may also be damaged, indicating that the springs need to be changed.

If faulty springs are not replaced on time, spring failure can become contagious as neighboring springs are forced to carry excess weight. Spring tools are available as trampoline accessories to help replace tools easily, without damaging the mat. Prices may vary, depending on the quality of the springs.

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