Varta and Pierer announce cooperation for two-wheel batteries

The two prominent Austrian entrepreneurs and investors Stefan Pierer and Michael Tojner want to jointly develop e-mobility as a future business area. Your companies Pierer Mobility (KTM) and Varta want to “send a strong signal in and from Europe” with battery systems in the electric two-wheeler sector, as they jointly announced on Wednesday evening. The aim is to cooperate in research, development and production.

“With Varta Innovation in Graz we are well positioned for materials research in Austria,” says Michael Tojner, CEO of the Montana Tech Components AG group of companies and majority owner of Varta AG. The location will be expanded to advance the development of large battery cell formats for electromobility. “Thanks to our innovative strength, we see ourselves as a technology leader in the two-wheeler sector in Europe and want to set the tone particularly in the development of two-wheeled electric vehicles,” said Stefan Pierer, CEO of Pierer Mobility AG.

According to its own statements, Varta is a leading European manufacturer of Li-ion cells and a global innovation and technology leader. Pierer Mobility AG owns the brands KTM, Husqvarna and Gasgas. They call themselves the largest European powered two-wheeler manufacturer. The cooperation partners see great potential for the development of a platform battery for light electric vehicles.

According to the announcement, a cooperation between Varta and KTM in the development and production of low-voltage battery platforms for vehicles with a peak output of 250 watts to 20 kilowatts, “which achieve a high range and high performance”, is specifically intended.

Tojner and Pierer have been working together on business for a long time. Together they have already taken over and restructured the electronics company Abatec. Pierer Industrie AG now takes over all company shares from Montana Tech Components and fully integrates Abatec.

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