Viral Marketing Business Model: Getting the Most Out of Your Content

When looking for something that can boost your business and increase ROI efficiently, consider viral marketing. This campaign costs little to start and maintain and once you’ve created a buzz, the promotion will be free. It is extremely vital to use the different types of social media tools for your business model. They can make or break the viral campaign. It is called viral because it works like a biological virus. It infiltrates the target and then replicates. You may notice the small effects, but before long a single virus has infected almost everyone.

How does viral marketing work?

Viral marketing is a buzzword that refers to marketing procedures that use social media to create excitement for certain products or companies. Examples of popular social networks are Facebook and Twitter.

Viral marketing has gained immense popularity on the Internet. It is a powerful tool that includes images and texts that are designed to build a brand image slowly. Viral marketing techniques often use catchy and engaging materials, which people would surely like to share or pass on to others. People who share information with each other through these social networks or media, either intentionally or inadvertently, spread information about the product or company.

Great Examples of Viral Content

Most people think that viral marketing is limited to video clips. These are all over YouTube reaching millions of viewers. Although this is the most popular, it is just one of many viral marketing tools. Other tools are Ebooks and email. There are also different viral marketing business models.

1. Electronic books. These are eBooks in Adobe Acrobat PDF. They are like textbooks. Most companies give this away when signing up for their mailing list because they know most people pass it on to others.

2. Email labels. This is a clever way to put short tags in the email that promote a certain product. Every time a message is sent, that person can read that tag.

3. Games and applications. These are extremely attractive and fun and are often enjoyed and accessed by people. If a person really likes a game, he is obligated to tell his friend, and that friend will try it out for himself and spread the word to others. This is particularly effective for teenagers and children.

4. Case studies. These are created to not only provide useful data, but entrepreneurs can easily stream and download the information for their own use.

get the word out

The viral marketing business model is indeed immensely useful for a product or business. If used correctly, a business can save a lot of money on advertising but make a lot of profit.

Social media and viral marketing allow small businesses to reach a large audience with minimal funding and effort. The key to receiving maximum exposure is announcing your presence, I have a quote that I stress to my clients “Stop singing in your bathroom.” Simply put, no one hears you except yourself and maybe a neighbor. This, of course, addresses the “if you build it, it will come” attitude newbies often have about the internet.

Let’s examine the subject; Two essential elements that I would recommend when planning a viral marketing strategy is to make the most of the press and social media. If the common consensus is to build a brand with advertising, why would it change in this situation?

The major press release engines and news wires are a great way to get the word out. This is an underutilized tactic, but if you look at the benefits, you’ll wonder why. Press syndication sites like PR Web, PR Newswire, and PRLeap all have their own social accounts with tons of followers, why not use your followers to spread your message?

Think about it, how many times have you read an interesting article or seen a funny video that compelled you to retweet or share? Now why wouldn’t a reader have the same compulsion with your content? Another benefit is that blogs seem to gravitate towards press releases. Bloggers are notorious copy artists who live to break news. Give them what they want!

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