Weather forecast: rain and strong gusts of wind all over the country

An area of ​​rain will cross the country on Saturday morning. Then, thinning will develop, but it will also be more unstable with showers, according to forecasts by the Royal Meteorological Institute (IRM). The maxima will oscillate between 4 and 10 degrees. The wind will continue to blow over the entire territory, with gusts of up to 95 km / h. The IRM therefore issues a warning for the whole day, until 8:00 p.m., and for the whole country for these windy conditions. The fairly intense showers announced could be accompanied by a thunderstorm. The forecast gusts will lose intensity in the late afternoon and evening, with the wind gradually weakening.

Tonight and tonight, the weather will therefore remain variable with a few more showers. These could take on a winter character in the Ardennes, according to the IRM. In the second part of the night, the showers will become more numerous. In the Ardennes, low clouds will sometimes limit visibility. The minima will be between 1 degree in Hautes Fagnes and 5 degrees in the west. The wind will be moderate, and at the coast quite strong, from west-southwest, with gusts up to 50 km / h.

Sunday, the weather will remain variable with a risk of showers. In the morning and in the evening, winter precipitation will be possible on the relief of the Ardennes. The maximum will be between 3 degrees in Hautes Fagnes and 9 degrees in the center of the country as well as on the coast. The west to northwest wind will be quite strong at the coast and moderate in the interior.

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