Who can help me with content analysis?

If you’re having trouble with your content and desperately need an expert content analytics report, how do you know which company to use?

Choosing a company or consultant to conduct content analysis can be a daunting prospect, especially if you haven’t participated in one before. While many companies may claim to be masters, there are a number of different things to consider before choosing one.

Hopefully following our advice will enable you to choose the perfect company to solve your content problems and ensure that a useful and easy to understand content analysis report is useful for your business.


The best type of referrals to receive are from trusted friends, peers, or other associates, but they can also be the hardest to find. The chances of meeting someone who has also gone through content analysis similar to what you need, are potentially pretty slim, depending on the circles of people you associate with.

The second best alternative is to contact a previous customer directly or read their reviews and testimonials. There are a number of ways to do this and by searching online you should be able to find some user reviews quite easily.

If you can’t find any company reviews, then this should ring alarm bells in your head. While it may be that this particular company is new and therefore doesn’t have reviews online, you should do your research before dealing with them.


Experience is key when it comes to content analysis. Making sure that the firm you choose not only has a strong background in general analytics, but is also knowledgeable in your particular industry, is a very smart and recommendable move.

A successful content analysis is done by a company that will generally have extensive industry experience. There are several different methods and areas of expertise, some focus on one type of content, such as web content, while others specialize in a different area, such as technical writing.


As a general rule, you shouldn’t pay for content analysis upfront without an initial consultation, as you should make use of companies that offer one for free.

A successful, professional, and leading company will want to show you what they can offer, so be wary of any company that isn’t willing to discuss your needs without getting paid first.

value for money

The last aspect to consider when looking for a company to perform an analysis, is to weigh the cost versus the value of the work. It’s smart advice to not just go for the cheapest option, as ensuring the task is completed correctly and completely is far more important than spending less and ending up with poor content analysis.

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