10 Benefits of Graphic Recording

The graphic record is a tool to convert the intangible into tangible, it is a process and a product.

The processing part is due to the fact that the graphic recorder transforms the spoken word into a visual one. A chart recorder listens carefully to the conversation with a pen in hand and illustrates what he hears with pictures, words, and colors. This helps people collaborate and feel heard by creating a safe environment for new ideas.

The product part comes from the colorful output that is created. A complete digital capture of the artwork created by the graphic engraver is compiled into a pdf that all participants receive after the event.

This process is enormously beneficial to any meeting of minds and some of these benefits are outlined below.

1. Promotes clear thinking

Chart records promote the clear thinking and good decision making that come when people can really ‘see what they mean’ and also see what they mean.

2. Provides group memory

A chart record captures the content of a meeting in an engaging way and serves as an effective touchstone for remembering accomplishments and educating others.

3. Focus and follow-up of the support group

A graphic log provides a clear indication of what the group is addressing at any given time, helping participants know where they are and staying focused on the task at hand.

4. Greater creativity

Graphic recording increases the ability to manifest ideas within an environment that unlocks the limitless potential of the mind. By using both sides of the brain, it opens a relationship with the subconscious and allows thoughts and intuitions to flow freely. Visual Thinking creates connections with mnemonics and images that elicit the responses needed to access these repositories.

5. Greater Efficiency and Productivity

Information discussed within a graphically recorded environment is more clearly understood, maximizing “group mind” time and efficiency. With a greater understanding of individual roles and tasks, participants leave with a much greater ability to achieve goals and objectives. Graphical recording allows you to collect complex data in an integrated way on a single sheet of paper, increasing the opportunity to make informed decisions.

6. Increased memory retention and comprehension: Scientifically proven studies show that simultaneous images increase participation and comprehension of information. Add dimensions of real-time performance, radiant thinking (the brain’s natural thought process), metaphor, and mnemonics and the insight is off the charts.

7. Documentation / Product Creation

Graphics recording creates a real-time digital capture of the conversation. Clients receive an accurate recording of all information collected during the shows that can be referenced at any time thereafter. These tools act as a great memory tool allowing our clients to receive a consistent understanding of what has been achieved.

8. Pattern recognition and understanding

Graphic recording is key to harnessing underutilized areas of the brain, increasing creative IQ, emotional IQ, information assimilation, habit patterns, and general intelligence and mental performance.

9. Play for your audience

More than 80% of us are visual learners. When we see it, we “get” it. Graphical recording provides critical information in a format that is easy to understand, predictable for the eye, and organized for the brain. The faster participants understand your messages, the faster and easier the agenda will develop.

10. See the big picture

A large graphical view of the discussion allows the group to notice relationships, identify themes, and spot gaps, all of which result in new insights. With more information on the page than you might have in mind, people engage in higher-level, solution-focused thinking and discussion that truly considers the big picture.

As you can SEE the benefits of graphic recording are phenomenal, it’s no surprise that the use of a graphic recorder or graphic facilitator is starting to become the norm in top Fortune 500 companies globally. In this new era of communication and community, a tool like this is vital to ensure you get the most out of your people’s time and effort.

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