10 reasons why having sex is good for your health

Paulo Coelho’s book entitled “Once Minutes” suggests that the “act of joining” only takes about 2-3 minutes, while the remaining 9 minutes are nothing more than an attempt to reach the “crescendo” when a hormonal shock provides an ecstasy like no other. other!

Scientists have often debated that sex is extremely beneficial to our health, but a lack of good sex can have negative effects. On the other hand, too much sex can also be harmful; If you have sex more than 3 times a week, you are exposing yourself to the risk of a weaker immune system, as well as vulnerability to infections …

1. The balance of your mental and emotional health is definitely influenced by sex. While withdrawal often leads to anxiety or paranoia and even depression … having sex can cure mild depressions. After having sex, the brain releases endorphins that reduce stress and induce a wonderful state of euphoria.

2. For all women, having sex regularly means being free from expensive salon treatments. A great beauty treatment, having sex actually doubles the estrogen level in women and makes their hair shine with shine while making their skin more supple and smooth.

3. And if you want to love longer, look no further than your own room. According to research conducted at Queens University in Belfast, Ireland, having sex regularly increases human life expectancy. It was found that, of people of the same age and health, those who had more frequent orgasms faced a 50% lower death rate than people who did not have frequent orgasms.

4. Sex is also an excellent deep cleansing treatment. Since sex is a strenuous but enjoyable exercise, when you have sex the pores of the skin are cleaned leaving a brighter and more radiant skin, in addition to reducing the risk of developing dermatitis.

5. An inexpensive and enjoyable exercise, sex can make you lose weight. When you have sex after a romantic candlelight dinner, you not only burn off all the fat and carbohydrates you consumed, but you also stay healthy at no additional cost! Consider this: a single session of mind-blowing, passionate sex (even normal sex) can burn around 200 calories. This is equivalent to running for 15 minutes on a treadmill!

6. Ladies, if you like your man to have bulging biceps, then have sex more often. Sex is a great way to build muscle. Imagine the effort your man exerted through those difficult pushes and push-ups! Of course, it all depends on the stunts in your bed … but it’s definitely better than running miles and miles.

7. Did you know that the more active your sex life, the more attractive and irresistible you become to the opposite sex? Actually! An active sex life means that your body gets in the habit of releasing more pheromones, chemicals that attract all those beautiful and luscious women. No wonder Casanova was so popular!

8. Sex can sharpen your senses; Especially improve your sense of smell. After sex, prolactin is released which activates stem cells in the brain to form new neurons in the olfactory bulb. This helps improve your sense of smell.

9. A pain reliever, sex is TEN times more effective than pain relievers like Valium. Just before orgasm, the level of the hormone oxytocin increases almost 5 times, which causes the release of a large amount of endorphins. Endorphins are natural pain relievers and relieve pain, minor headaches, and migraines without side effects. The next time your lady has a headache, treat her with a vigorous lovemaking session instead of Valium.

10. We all know that dentist bills can ruin you, but nothing can do it more than a good, deep French kiss! The act of kissing stimulates salivation, which helps clear food particles stuck between the teeth and reduces the level of acidity in the mouth. This is the main cause of cavities. So kiss all you want, it’s a great excuse after all!

So my dear friends, sex is not only good for the mind, the body, but also for the wallet!

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