1947-2021 – Theater maker Piero Bordin dies

The theater maker Piero Bordin, founder and director of the world theater festival “Art Carnuntum” died on Friday at the age of 73. His widow Elfriede confirmed this to the APA on Sunday. Bordin collapsed with a heart attack at the funeral of his mother-in-law at the Vienna Central Cemetery and subsequently died in a Viennese hospital.

Piero Bordin died at the age of 73. – © @ bordin / private

Piero Bordin was born on July 24, 1947 as the son of a mother from Athens and a Venetian father in Vienna, studied at the University of Applied Arts and initially worked as a student and employee of Peter Weibel as a visual artist. In 1989 he founded the “Art Carnuntum” festival, which on the one hand held up the memory of the historically significant place where on November 11, 308, under the direction of Diocletian, the So-called Imperial Conference took place, at which the balance of power in the Roman Empire was redistributed, and on the other hand, the theater tradition of antiquity continued with performances from all parts of the world. It was thanks to his selfless enthusiasm and theatrical passion that prominent theater makers and groups from the La MaMa Theater in New York to the London Globe Theater were always happy to come to Carnuntum.

In 2007 Bordin was awarded the Lower Austrian Culture Prize in the “Performing Arts” category, and in 2017 he was given the professional title of Professor. In 2018 he received a papal order, which was presented by Cardinal Christoph Schönborn. (apa)

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