After receiving the second dose of the vaccine, a grandmother receives a prescription to hug her granddaughter

A grandmother living in New York, just after receiving the second dose of the coronavirus vaccine, received the prescription she dreamed of and in which it was simply written that she now had the right to “kiss her little one- daughter “from her doctor, as reported by the American media CNN.

To surprise, Evelyn Shaw’s granddaughter had arranged everything with her grandmother’s doctor who she asked to seal the prescription in an envelope for her to open later. Having not seen anyone at her home for over a year, with visits to the window, the grandmother was very happy to read her doctor’s prescription issued by her granddaughter in person.

“I was stuck in Covidland and having this prescription from my doctor gave me the courage to let it in,” Shaw told CNN. “We were there, standing in my apartment, hugging each other, crying for the first time in a year, which was an extraordinary experience. A real treat.”

Her granddaughter, Ateret Frank, who is also vaccinated, was as moved as her grandmother and said it was a moment they will always remember.

Shaw’s daughter, Jessica Shaw, filmed the entire embrace and posted it on her Twitter account.

Dozens of stories like Shaw’s have started circulating on social in the past few days. Google Trends also reported that searches for “Can I kiss my grandchildren after the vaccine” increased by 3,400%.

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