Barbados Holidays – Facts and Figures First Time Travelers Need to Know

The Caribbean has been the preferred vacation destination for millions of tourists, whether they are from the United States, Europe, Asia or the Middle East. The island of Barbados is also a favorite for tourists in this part of the planet. This Caribbean paradise is a relatively flat island, rising gently into the central highlands, its highest point being Mount Hillaby, which stands at 1,100 feet above sea level and is in the Scotland District. The island is located in the Atlantic Ocean, and has a tropical climate, having a rainy season from June to October. The good thing about the island is that it is relatively safe from the worst effects of the hurricanes and tropical storms that ravage this region, being lucky enough to be located practically outside of the main hurricane zone. Tourism accounts for more than half of the island’s economy, so being located outside of the hurricane zone is a real boon for the area’s local tourism industry.

Languages ​​Spoken and Currency: Barbados residents speak English, which would be very favorable for most visitors. It also has a high literacy rate and is considered one of the most literate countries on the planet. The English influence is prevalent among the locals and is most noticeable compared to other West Indian islands, and cricket is the area’s favorite sport. The country’s currency is the Barbadian dollar, and 1 Barbadian dollar would cost around £2.8, for example, at the local currency shop. Generally, most tourist establishments, restaurants, cafeterias, bars and food stalls accept major credit cards, as well as Travelers Checks.

Weather and Beaches: Getting back to the weather, the area’s dry season runs from January to June, and the rainy season runs from June to October. Temperatures here can range from 75 to 90°F, and most days are hot, but nights are generally cooler. As for the beaches in the area, the safest area for swimming, according to local experts, would be on the West Coast, and the South Coast should be a favorite place for surfers and other lovers of water sports. The north shore, however, is considered unsafe for swimming. Those who fear the threat of sharks need not worry, as most locals say that the reef that borders most of the island keeps these tough predators out. Nude bathing is not allowed on all public and private beaches, so you’d better keep your bathing suit on.

Dining and Shopping: When touring the island, those who want to go shopping or follow up on some business with the local government agency should note that business hours are from 8:30 am to 5:30 pm and the most offices are open. half day on Saturdays. The island has a department store, and is located in Cave Shepherd, Bridgetown, and St. James. Island food specialties include fish fry, salt fish cakes, cou cou, conkies and the ever-popular rum punch. Area shopping districts offer a wide variety of duty-free shopping products and services. Saint Lawrence Gap is also an exciting location, where you will find a wide range of nightlife, restaurants and other clubbing activities.

Visitors here are generally greeted with a warm welcome by the locals, who are known for their warm hospitality. Residents of this country are officially called Barbadians; but locally they are called “Bajan”. First-time visitors to this island can relax in a hammock or lie on one of its many white-sand beaches, go snorkeling, sail on a yacht or catamaran, go for dinner, join a diving expedition, and see some sunken pirate ships. , or Visit the many historical sites on the island.

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