Beauty: trend looks in full bloom

Nature is a model in many ways. The current make-up trend looks were also inspired by the delicate splendor that is now unfolding.

The course of nature, the reliable coming and going of the seasons, is currently one of the few really beautiful constants in our lives. But not only that. Nature turns out to be a place of refuge and hope and represents a valuable piece of normality that we long for. Other than that, she’s a miracle.

Flower power

The make-up trend looks of spring celebrate this miracle, which nature is now unfolding before our eyes in an incredibly multi-faceted manner. And with it delicate flowers and blossoms that, under sometimes adverse circumstances, unfold carefully but steadfastly, only to shine in full splendor. You can take that as an analogy to the women for whom the looks were made. Those who (have to) repeatedly (or still) face new challenges that they know how to master as an expression of their self-image. Or at least try.

Les Fleurs de Chanel

For the Spring-Summer 2021 collection, Lucia Pica, Chanel’s Global Creative Make-up and Color Designer, and Chanel’s Make-up Creation Studio explored the big, wide world of flowers, including peonies, irises, anthuriums, pansies and carnations of course also the camellia, known as Coco Chanel’s favorite flower. The result is a collection that is delicate and luminous, in which warm and cold nuances are mixed, in which gloss is combined with earthy undertones. Lips and nails are warm and intense with bright red and poppy orange, the eyes play with earthy facets of terracotta, peach rose, matt rosewood and shimmering rose gold – intense and mysterious. A strong color, namely coral orange, serves as a blush. It is contrasted with a subtle golden peach pink as a highlighter.

Pure Glow by Christian Dior

“This reawakening of the senses makes me think of a modern flower woman whose beauty is a combination of grace and strength.” Says Peter Philips, responsible for make-up at Dior. Fresh colors such as pink, peach and rosé, aubergine and gold as well as nude tones make the eyes shine. The complexion is completely natural, just with a touch of freshness. Rosy, because the lips are actually only subtly refined with pink and rosé.

Claudette Collection by François Nars

Refined elegance and the power of personal style – that is the “Claudette Collection” by make-up virtuoso François Nars, inspired by Claudette, his mother and muse. Marked by nostalgia and the irreverent spirit of the Paris Rive Gauche of the 1970s, each shade paints a portrait of uncompromising style and unconditional love. These include nude pink, berry red and warm brick red on the lips, peach and amber on the cheeks and on the lids champagne, taupe and various shades of brown. Nars is available exclusively from Douglas, Mariahilfer Straße 84 in Vienna or at

Feel This Bloom Obsession by Artdeco

The spring / summer collection “Feel This Bloom Obsession” by Artdeco takes you into a world full of magnificent peonies, which consequently brings different pink and rose nuances as well as pastel blue and green as well as harmonious nude tones on lips, lids and fingernails.

Saturated Softness from Make up Factory

The Make up Factory look allows entry into a restrained world of pearly and matt tones. Grounded and nostalgic tones that feel calming and familiar and intersect with saturated colors. On the lids, matt colors such as off-white and strong brown ensure intensity, while bright green and pearly red ensure luminosity. Pink, nude, classic red and rose beautify the lips, a fresh shade of rose and a dark pink do the same with the cheeks.

ME from La Biosthétique

ME calls La Biosthétique its make-up collection for spring and summer 2021 and, as usual, presents not just one, but three expressive looks, namely “Fresh”, “Vibrant” and “Strong” by international make-up artist Steffen Zoll created. Luminous colors such as lime, orange or sapphire blue are set in scene with neutral colors such as caramel, brown and gray and result in radiant combinations that emphasize natural beauty.

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