Better respect the rights of residents in nursing homes: a petition!

This Wednesday marks the first anniversary of the first closures of nursing homes and nursing and care homes in Belgium.

On this occasion, eleven associations including Amnesty International and Eneo launched a petition to ask the Belgian federated and federal authorities to “take the necessary measures as quickly as possible to guarantee the respect and the realization of the human rights of the residents of rest homes and of rest and care homes.”

“Before the crisis, the nursing home sector did not already have the adequate means to ensure full respect for the human rights of residents. With the pandemic, these shortcomings were starkly highlighted and exacerbated, when the establishments found themselves again. in the blind spot of our authorities, whose adequate response came too late, with the tragic consequences that we know “, explain the organizations.

Insufficient training

These point to the insufficiency and lack of staff training, the inadequacy of control procedures and, in general, the lack of consideration for the well-being, dignity and respect for the human rights of individuals. elderly.

“Too often, older people are not seen as full rights holders and inappropriate decisions are taken without regard for their opinion, with deleterious consequences for respect for their fundamental rights and well-being. It is urgent that measures be taken to finally guarantee the respect and the realization of the human rights of the residents of the nursing homes “, further explain the organizations.

They call on the federated authorities to ensure the representation and participation of residents and their legal representatives, managers of nursing homes and nursing staff in planning and decision-making processes, both internal and governmental, related to issues that have a impact on residents.

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