Choose between death or change

Most people actually choose to die rather than change their behavior, a fact. I know it’s a strong statement, but after reading this short article, I hope you can see where I’m coming from.

And what about you?

Can’t stop eating or drinking alcohol?

If so, don’t worry, you are like most people in the western world today, ultimately also choosing death rather than changing your behavior.

Personally, I can’t think of anything worse than being “like everyone else” and just letting it happen.

Many people in the western world are:

Overfed with processed sugary foods


Lazy (it’s our nature, it’s not an insult)

self indulgent

Spend money faster than you earn it

Eating food faster than they can handle it

With all this we must have improved our lives and made them easier than previous generations, right?

But here’s the crazy part, most people are still stressed and unhappy.

And some people really think that having more of the above will somehow make them happy. When you think of someone who is stressed or sad, what does he do? They might smoke a cigarette, get drunk, eat comfort foods (burgers, chips, chocolate, ice cream, candy, etc.), or even use drugs. All of these things have a huge negative effect on our health.

Where is the sense in this? It’s all twisted. We’re supposed to be smart, but we don’t seem to act that way. If you ask me, modern man has never had it so good.

We are among the first generations to have THREE meals a day (or more) throughout our lives. People, even in my parents’ generation, didn’t have that. This is not to mention things like the Internet, cars, cell phones, and all the other amazing technology that we have at our fingertips.

These days we have everything we need to succeed. However, we also have everything we need to commit suicide.

The diseases from which we die are called “diseases of excess.” They are symptoms of living a “western lifestyle.” Health problems such as the following occur all too often:

heart attacks




If you choose to live life to excess, you are inadvertently choosing to KILL YOURSELF sooner than you would naturally die. I know it’s a horrible subject, but the health problems we face and will continue to face if we don’t do something about it are scary.

don’t choose death

do not choose excess

Choose to change

choose life

choose moderation

The truth is that people can change but they choose not to. Some people are scared little sheep and some are hungry tigers.

Which one are you?

Please, if you are guilty of the things mentioned above, take back control of your health and live a better life.

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