Dennis “Scrapie” Heinen reaches the podium of the winter edition of the Trackmania Grand League 2021

Four and a half months after the last stage of its 2020 season, the Trackmania Grand League has crowned the first champion of the year this weekend on the occasion of the grand final of its winter 2021 edition!

Nine pilots from all over the world competed against each other this Sunday around the € 7,500 in cash prize at stake! A Belgian, true miracle of this edition, was on the starting line of this final: Dennis “Scrapie” Heinen. Structural representative Lazarus Esports came out of nowhere after ending his regular season in a disappointing fourteenth place.

Fortunately, our compatriot was able to bounce back and show a better level during the last chance qualifying tournament held just before the final. Race after race, the young man was able to regain his former level and finally get the ultimate ticket leading to the grand final of the event!

Unleashed, “Scrapie” did not stop there and went through the different stages of the final until reaching the last square of the latter! At this point, only Australian Patrick “Mudda” Radisich, Briton Thomas “Pac” Cole and Canadian legend Carl-Antoni “Carl Jr.” Cloutier still stood facing our compatriot.

Unfortunately, this penultimate succession of races was fatal for the driver from the Eastern Townships, the latter still managing the feat of finishing on the third step of the podium in this Trackmania Grand League: Winter 2021! This unexpected result allows the player to add € 1,000 to their prize pool.

The saying “And in the end, it’s always Carl Jr. who wins” has never been truer than it is now. After flying over the regular season, the Canadian has offered a new line to his impressive track record this weekend by beating “Pac” in the final duel of the championship.

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