Did I make a mistake buying this 8 month old dog?

Have you ever heard that question or something similar from a friend, neighbor, or family member? I hear it all the time and usually there are some issues that have developed right away and the new dog owner calls me to ask the question.

It is usually a dog that comes from a breeder. The new dog owner went to find a deal or maybe just an older dog so they wouldn’t have to go through all the puppy stuff.

As soon as the new owner brings the dog home, they start to see some things that make them wonder what is going on and why the dog is acting like this. Here’s the weird part when I talk to these dog owners and ask them if they noticed these characteristics in the kennel, they usually say yes.

The dog seemed distant, a bit fearful, and reluctant to approach all members of the family. I ask him why he bought the dog even after seeing these problems, the answer is always the same “I thought we could change it.”

The problem is that the young dog has not been socialized. That happens from birth to 20 weeks of age. It takes some work and a lot of effort to properly socialize a dog and most breeders just don’t do it and don’t take the time to do it.

Here’s something to keep in mind. Most breeders are simply selling puppies. When they have a litter of 8, they want to sell all eight as soon as possible. However, the one left after the first seven are gone probably had a problem and that’s why it’s still there. Maybe it was the dwarf. He may have been the shy one who never wanted to get close to the people who came looking for the perfect puppy for his family.

Whatever happens, I was still there at 8 months old when these people came looking. Now, 2 weeks later, when the dog has started to show some fear and aggression, the family is trying to decide whether they should keep the dog or return it before one of the children is bitten or injured by this 60-year-old antisocial zed. 8-month-old pounds. fearful big puppy.

Can you save the dog and help him with his problems? However, a new dog owner with no dog and 3 toddler experience is likely just not willing to risk a happy ending to this story when their dog has matured to 130 pounds.

If you are considering an older dog from a breeder, make sure you have a 15-30 day trial period that will allow you to return the dog for a refund if the dog is out of order.

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