Easy-to-follow 360 Waves method for deep, boat-sinking waves

Start with as low a cut as possible without looking completely bald. Now you will need some tools for the job. You’ll need a 360-style wavy pomade, Du-Rag, some pink oil moisturizer, and your trusty brush.

Okay, you have the tools for the job, now is the time to start making waves!

To develop deep 360 waves you must train your hair with a daily brushing regimen. Training your hair is the process where you will brush your hair texture from curly to an S formation known as waves. This training process, when done correctly, usually takes 3-4 weeks in most cases. Note that some hair textures will respond even faster depending on the strength and natural texture of your hair.

If you follow these 360 ​​wave tips I’m pretty sure you’ll notice that your texture changes in no time, so it’s time to train your hair!

You will brush your hair as you eat your meals, that is, in the morning at noon and in the evening. You will start in the morning by applying your pink oil moisturizer to your hair. This will moisturize and soften your hair making it much more manageable when brushing in the morning. You will perform your daily brushing wave movements in a 360 wave pattern for a total of 500 strokes per session. Once you have completed brushing, you will do this step again at noon with the same number of strokes.

Remember to follow these 360 ​​wave tips every day for the best results. Now at night is when you are going to perform the same steps but now you are going to end up applying your ointment. To perform this step, simply place a small amount of pomade in the palms of your hands and rub vigorously until the pomade is smooth and easy to apply to your hair. Work the pomade in the direction of your brushing without going against the fiber of your hair. Now, once you have completely finished this step, you will only need to apply your du-rag for the night before bed.

These complete 360 ​​wave tips will become part of your daily lifestyle. Once your waves are fully trained to the desired look, you just need to follow regular maintenance. This is simple and easy to do with weekly haircuts and brushing. As for shampoo, I recommend something made for curly textured hair.

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