GDPR audit – France’s data protection authority is investigating Clubhouse

The French data protection authority CNIL has started investigations into the social media app Clubhouse. It should be checked whether the General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR) is applicable and, if so, whether it is being misunderstood, the authority announced on Wednesday. In the event of a violation, the CNIL can impose restrictions. Clubhouse is an audio app from the USA that allows users to listen to conversations like a live podcast or actively participate in discussions.

In contrast to networks like Twitter, you cannot comment on posts in Clubhouse or give “likes”. The contributions cannot be listened to with a time delay on the platform. However, it is unclear how long the audio rounds are stored in the USA.

In Germany, the Federation of German Consumer Organizations had warned the US providers of the app, among other things, for deficiencies in data protection. The clubhouse operator claims the right to make extensive use of the contact information uploaded by the users from the address books of the smartphones and, for example, to bother them with advertising. This is a violation of the GDPR. (Apa)

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