Germany, France, Italy and Spain suspend use of AstraZeneca vaccine

Germany, for its part, is suspending the use of the Covid-19 vaccine from the Anglo-Swedish laboratory AstraZeneca “as a preventive measure” after the reporting of side effects, the Ministry of Health announced on Monday.

The Paul-Ehrlich Medical Institute, which advises the government, “believes that other examinations (are) necessary” after cases of blood clots forming in people vaccinated in Europe, said a spokesperson for the ministry. Several countries have already taken such a step.

This suspension decision comes “after new information concerning thrombosis of cerebral veins in connection with vaccination in Germany and Europe”, according to the same source.

The European Medicines Agency (EMA) “will decide if and how new knowledge (on these side effects) affects the authorization of the vaccine,” added the spokesperson.

Health Minister Jens Spahn is scheduled to speak in the afternoon.

But nothing indicates a cause and effect link and the runaway health authorities divides professionals.

The AstraZeneca vaccine is one of three vaccines used in Germany while a fourth, that of Johnson & Johnson, has already received the green light from European authorities and will be distributed between mid and the end of April, according to the Ministry of Health. Health.

For a week, several countries have suspended vaccination with AstraZeneca after serious blood problems in vaccinees.

France follows

France, in turn, decided on Monday to “suspend as a precaution” the use of the AstraZeneca vaccine, pending an opinion from the European drug authority which will be issued on Tuesday afternoon, Emmanuel Macron announced during a press conference in Montauban.

The Head of State said “hope to resume soon” vaccination with this serum “if the opinion of the European authority allows”, while several European countries have also suspended this vaccine, including Germany and the ‘Italy Monday.

“The European Authority, the EMA, will issue an opinion tomorrow afternoon on the use of this vaccine (…) the decision which was taken in accordance also with our European policy is to suspend as a precaution the vaccination with AstraZeneca hoping to resume it quickly if the opinion of the EMA allows it “, declared the Head of State during a press conference with the Spanish Prime Minister Pedro Sanchez, at the end of a French-speaking summit. Spanish.

Suspension in Italy and Spain

Italy suspended the administration of the AstraZeneca vaccine against Covid-19 throughout its territory on Monday as a precaution, following in the footsteps of several other European countries after the reporting of side effects.

The Italian medicines agency, AIFA, “has decided as a precaution and provisionally, pending a decision from the EMA”, the European Medicines Agency, to “ban the use of AstraZeneca vaccine throughout the national territory “, explains the IAAF in a press release.

“This decision was taken in line with similar measures adopted by other European countries,” she said.

According to Spanish media, Spain will also stop administering the vaccine for “at least two weeks”.

And in Belgium?

In Belgium, this suspension is not really on the agenda. The Superior Council of Health has established in its report that “the advantages outweigh the disadvantages”

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