global warming is rubbish

I think global warming is nonsense. I said it there. It brings hatred, attacks, the minimization of any intellect it may possess.

If you’re still with me, let me explain.

I believe with every fiber of my being that the Earth is being destroyed by humanity. We have greedily demanded more of Mother Nature than can be supplied. Through synthetic chemicals, pesticides, and other man-made substances (plastic, anyone?), we are suffocating, strangling, and poisoning our world to a point from which we may never recover.

Newborns everywhere have pesticides in their bloodstreams. Deep ocean creatures have microplastics in their cells. Soils around the world have become drenched in so many chemicals that they are basically “dead” and can no longer support plants. The Earth is dying.

And Mother Earth is communicating with us to let us know. The examples just cited, as well as the crazy weather patterns, are all tied to the clear message that, as people, we are destroying our planet. Our causes are creating the effects.

Target Global Warming? The hyper-emotional term that points the finger at and polarizes friends, families, and nations? Nothing will ever be accomplished by using this term! Launching the term Global Warming is a guarantee of conflict.

Industrialized nations, capitalism, big corporations, big agribusiness, conservatives, liberals, Republicans, Democrats—whatever you choose that you don’t like—they’re all huge, faceless entities that people hold responsible. of global warming. The bigger the target, the easier it is to point the finger.

How convenient and how incredibly lazy.

Global Warming Advocate: “It’s not ME doing anything wrong, it’s ‘them’! ‘They’ are the bad guys and I’m outraged! And you should be outraged! ‘they deserve all the animosity, the venom, the disgust and vitriol we may hurl at ‘them’!”

Actually? Complaining without offering a solution is just noise. Pointing fingers accomplish nothing more than create deaf and defensive ears. We have a serious problem on our hands and instead of improving it, the Global Warming rage campaign strangles any hope of improvement.

The earth needs us. Each of us has an obligation to do what is best for her. Education is key. Reduce your carbon footprint. Sponsor businesses and products that are sustainable. Require locally that toxic synthetic pesticides are NOT used in public buildings. Demand organic foods; better yet, grow your own. Get active in wellness to avoid dependence on Big Pharma. Carpool, conserve water, reuse, recycle, retrofit. Stop the throwing mentality. Don’t buy plastic water bottles. Live the life the Earth needs you to live.

Participate in positive results. Educate – with facts – what companies should avoid due to their creepy behavior. Help pass local ordinances to protect and preserve Nature. Join others in creating a wave of green expectations. Change the narrative!

I think Global Warming is nonsense as it is just angry noise.

However, the Earth needs us… so work in harmony with her. It is the only way.

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