How to make a webinar plan

Before conducting a webinar, there are things you need to do. It will help you to achieve your goals if you plan ahead to make sure you don’t accidentally forget things.

Determine what software you will need

Choose the software you will use before the event. You want to not only choose, but also practice, so that you can make sure that you can use the software the way it is meant to work.

Identify your audience

Know who you want to reach so you can choose your theme and how you will market the event. Knowing your audience first is the best way to do both well.

Choose your theme

Pick a specific topic or theme that your audience likes. If it’s a way to solve a serious problem your audience has, it will help them during and after the event.

Develop your message

Work on the message you plan to convey, create an outline, look for some statistics, as well as products and / or services that you can promote in conjunction with the event.

Set event date

From the beginning, set a date. Six weeks before the event is a good time to set the date so that you can begin pre-marketing and marketing to get maximum exposure and attendance.

Invite your audience

If you already have an audience and list members, invite them to the event first. Offer them an early booking discount or an event notice.

Develop a marketing campaign

Now that you know the date and the subject, you can start developing your marketing materials and additional material. You can decide whether or not you plan to run a PPC campaign or get your affiliates to promote the event.

Create a landing page

Develop a landing page for the event that allows your audience to learn about what will be included in the webinar, and give them a good reason to sign up.

Upload auto reply messages

Be prepared in advance for people to sign up. This should put them on your list so they can receive marketing messages more automatically.

Create social media posts

Along with auto-reply messages, create social media posts, memes, infographics, and more to help promote your event.

Create a sales page

Every webinar needs a rationale in addition to adding value to your customers’ lives, and that’s where the sales page comes in. You can promote the product before, during and after the event with the appropriate sales page.

Practice delivery

As they say, practice makes perfect. You want to sound relaxed and casual or people will leave. If it sounds like you are reading a speech, the audience will turn off.

Remind attendees

When people sign up for your event, make sure you have a means to send them a reminder about the event they signed up for the day before and on the day of the event to maximize attendance.

Record it

During the webinar, don’t forget to set up the recording so that you can have the event transcript to use later, to create other products, or to send to those who were unable to attend the event live. The main event is not the only way to make money and be successful. Be sure to follow up after the event to make sure the webinar isn’t the last time your clients hear from you.

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