Huawei builds high-speed network for Austro Control

The Chinese telecommunications supplier Huawei, which has come under fire in the USA, has received an order from the air traffic control authority Austro Control in Austria and has already completed it. As Huawei announced on Monday, the company delivered a fiber optic network with transmission speeds of 100 gibabits per second. That is about a hundred times as fast as is currently often the case.

Huawei has provided a high-speed transmission network with low latency and an extremely reliable WDM network to secure the Austrian airspace, in order to support Austro Control in the efficient and secure transmission and management of its traffic data, the network supplier explained in a press release.

Huawei’s optical network called “Intelligent OptiX Network” connects all of the main Austro Control locations. A good data connection is particularly important for air traffic control. Network delays that affect contact could have serious consequences, such as aircraft getting too close in the air and, in the worst case, colliding.

The US accuses Huawei of espionage for Beijing. The group has also come under fire for its alleged involvement in the suppression of the Muslim Uighur minority. He is said to have supplied surveillance software to China for this. The group has always rejected the allegations. Huawei is one of the world’s largest telecommunications equipment suppliers and is a leader in 5G technology, for example. The USA and Great Britain have excluded the company from setting up their 5G networks and are putting pressure on European countries to do the same.

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