Is Banksy the author of a new work that has appeared on the wall of a prison in the south of England?

A prisoner, who descends along a brick wall using his sheets, attached to a typewriter: this is the graffiti that appeared on the walls of a former disused prison in the south of the ‘England. This one very quickly became a tourist attraction because its style, its features and its message, recalls the famous street artist Banksy. What prompts some to wonder? : Has Bansky struck again?

The place is indeed not trivial, the penitentiary institution closed since 2013 is known as “Reading Gaol”. Many men have been locked up there for “gross indecency”, translate homosexuality, including Oscar Wilde in 1985.

Banksy, whose identity is still unknown, has so far not claimed the work. He usually does this through his instagram account, posting a photo of his achievements. Thus, his last publication dates back to December with “Achoo!” depicting an old woman sneezing violently, losing her dentures.

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