“J’me bouge pour mon club” is back in version 2.0

In August 2020, the “J’me bouge pour mon club” challenge was designed to still maintain physical activity when many projects had been suspended due to a health crisis. This challenge also pursued an economic logic. For sports clubs, the cessation of activities also meant the drying up of the usual sources of income: proceeds from the refreshment bar, registrations for tournaments, dispensation of lessons, rental of land, etc. However, this money is absolutely essential so that they can continue to carry out their supervisory missions correctly.

Sports Minister Valérie Glatigny had therefore decided to support the challenge and help these entities overcome the crisis, all disciplines combined. It is up to them to demonstrate their ability to mobilize by taking up the proposed challenge.

1000 km = 1000 €

In total, 603 clubs took part in the first edition of this challenge and 448 achieved the dual objective of bringing together at least 50 runners or walkers so that they all cover a distance of at least 1,000 km in two weeks.

Six months later, the health crisis is still slowing down a “normal” practice of sport. Sedentary lifestyle and boredom are threatening more and more people. And the financial problems of the clubs are still the same, if not worsened.

This is why a second edition of the challenge “J’me bouge pour mon club” will be organized, from April 3 to 18, 2021. It is a challenge 2.0, still organized by the ASBL Sport et Santé (magazine Zatopek) with the support of Adeps.

The objective per club is once again to cover a minimum of 1,000 cumulative km with the help of at least 50 participants. This collective achievement will entitle the club concerned to financial support of € 1,000 from the Wallonia-Brussels Federation.

Move as you want

The “J’me bouge pour mon club” Challenge is open to all clubs affiliated to a federation recognized by Adeps and to everyone, athletes, parents, volunteers or supporters. When registering (free!), Between March 22 and April 18 at noon, all you have to do is designate your favorite club (the list of participating clubs is available on the website www.jmebougepourmonclub.be). Warning ! Only one choice is allowed.

Then, the objective is to achieve a free number of kilometers which will be paid to the benefit of the said club to enable it to reach the set objective of 1,000 kilometers.

Great novelty compared to the previous edition, four activities are now possible to count the kilometers: walking, running, swimming and cycling. Obviously all these kilometers are not equal. The organization has provided for an equivalence coefficient. Thus, the kilometers achieved by bike will be divided by 4 and those achieved by swimming, multiplied by 8. If you achieve 60 km by bike (road or mountain bike), this will therefore add 15 km to your heart club counter. And if you swim 1 km, it will make 8 km on the clock. Formulated differently, the kilometers swam and rolled will be “translated” into kilometers walked or run to keep a common basis for all.

For an accurate distance measurement, however, you should use the free Strava app on your smartphone.

Special prices

Between April 3 and April 18, participants walk, run, swim or ride distances of their choice. At any time, they can also check the progress of the counter and ensure by their efforts that the final objective will be reached.

At the end of the challenge, the list of clubs that have taken up the challenge will be published on April 19. “Special” prizes will also be awarded for the clubs which have distinguished themselves. In particular, there will be a female prize (the most participants), a youth prize (the most participants aged 13 to 25), a senior prize (the most participants over 65) or a network prize. social. This last prize will be awarded to the clubs which have published the best photo (s) and / or video (s) with the #jmebougepourmonclub (Facebook, Instagram) (common thread: originality, living together or / and eco-responsible behavior).

Good challenge to all!

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