Nabil “Nivera” Benrlitom already on the start of Team Vitality

It was unfortunately predictable, but this news is no less sad for the competitive scene of Counter-Strike: Global Offensive. Team Vitality backtracked on their six-player team plan and reluctantly reverted to the traditional five-player format.

This decision stems from new features unveiled by the game’s publisher, Valve, at the start of the year. The American giant had created a beginning of controversy by revealing, in particular, penalties for teams making changes during official games.

Acting against the well-being of the players and towards all the efforts put in place by the structures to improve the mental and physical health of their members by allowing them to breathe a little, Valve had drawn the wrath of its professional community.

But sticking to its positions, the publisher forced the structures using this system of sixth replacement man to find solutions to continue to develop. And these have so far proven to be the withdrawal of their luxury joker in order to save a salary that has become unnecessary.

This is what happened to our compatriot Nabil “Nivera” Benrlitom. As a reminder, the young Belgian arrived at “La Ruche” at the end of last year and was the first official replacement of a high-level team to return during the match to replace one of his teammates. This system will quickly have proven its worth since the structure will chain two major successes in stride: first at the European Intel Extreme Masters XV, then at the BLAST Premier: Fall 2020.

The adventure ending immediately for our compatriot, the latter is now looking for a new structure, on loan or via a permanent transfer. That said, he shouldn’t have too much difficulty finding a new home given the level he has shown in recent months!

To be continued…

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