Palmers pays back money for Hygiene Austria masks

In the scandal surrounding masks imported from China, the fashion group Palmer pays customers back their money for purchased FFP2 masks from Hygiene Austria, reported on Tuesday. Palmers founded Hygiene Austria together with the fiber group Lenzing. However, customers who bought the masks directly in the Hygiene Austria online shop are still at a disadvantage. According to the Chamber of Labor, Hygiene Austria continues to refuse to take back the masks.

If you bought your masks directly from Palmers in a branch or in the Palmers online shop and no longer want to use them after the fact that some of them were produced in China, you can return them and get your money reimbursed, said the Chamber of Labor (AK) Vienna known to the consumer protection editors of the ORF. Palmers had previously refused to take back the masks, on the grounds that the 30-day exchange right had already expired. In December the masks still cost 4.99 euros each, currently it is 2.99 euros on

“After our intervention, Palmers customer service assured that the money would be reimbursed upon request. This customer-friendly arrangement is welcome,” said Gabriele Zgubic, head of the consumer protection department at the Vienna Chamber of Labor. “Hygiene Austria, with which the AK is still in negotiations, is also called upon to offer a customer-friendly solution for affected consumers.”

Many supermarkets have already reimbursed money for Hygiene Austria masks. The retail chains took the FFP2 masks off their shelves after the import from China became known. Hygiene Austria advertised the masks as “Made in Austria” both on their homepage and when selling them. Palmer’s partner Lenzing said he knew nothing about the masks bought in China. Hygiene Austria is being investigated for serious commercial fraud and illegal work.

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