Reincarnation and money: 7 examples of how the past affects your present

According to reincarnation theory, your behavior in past lives has a lot to do with the current state of your finances today.

Most people are familiar with the basic concept of karma: whatever you do now will come back to you in the future, although our findings show that it is more likely to come back to you in a future life.

Anti-prosperity thoughts and actions from past lives have much more impact on life circumstances than most people realize.

This is not to say that the legions of people on this planet struggling with poverty and hunger were terrible people in past lives. Nor do we mean to imply that being wealthy is always a karmic reward or is always preferable to more moderate means. We do not believe in a judging God who punishes you for your sins or gives you rewards. The poor and underprivileged (their souls, not their personalities) may have chosen to experience hardship for any number of reasons.

Here are seven examples of past life circumstances that have a significant relationship to personal net worth in this life:

1. “It is a sin to be rich. Poverty is next to piety,” said the devout monk at the fifth-century monastery. It was a way of life for him and he carried the philosophy through several lifetimes.

In this life, he is an artist, and while he is talented and as dedicated to his craft as he was in the days of yore, the same poverty mindset covertly poisons his financial state. He may consciously want more money, but his subconscious belief that being rich is a sin plays a part in his lack of financial success.

2. In his most recent past life, he fought a rich competitor and became convinced that rich people are bad. He took that conviction with him to the grave.

Today, she is once again an upstanding and honest person, but she can never get ahead financially: her subconscious will do anything to keep her from getting rich because it believes that if you’re rich, you’re bad.

3. In a series of past lives, your wealth included great responsibilities, which became a deadly burden.

Today, she has a hidden fear that wealth will lead her to death through heavy obligations, so her unconscious mind keeps her poor.

4. You gambled the family estate in a past life, and today you are too motivated to succeed financially. However, no matter how much money she makes, her spendthrift family members prevent her from maintaining a significant net worth.

5. He abused his position of power as a meddling bureaucrat of the third century and negatively affected many industries.

You are still paying karma. His main complaint today is that those in power make too much money and are blocking the success of his career as he barely survives paycheck to paycheck.

6. She was very rich in a past life, but bandits raided her castle and murdered her family. She died believing that if she had modest means, her family would still be alive.

Today you can’t seem to get out of the middle class, no matter what you try.

7. The military nobility in ancient times and during the last few centuries, like the elite Japanese samurai and most of the European warrior classes in the Middle Ages, loathed merchants.

A soul that thrived in the life of warriors, while constantly despising merchants, has decided to incarnate, in part, to learn more about non-military vocations. Unfortunately, his time in the corporate world is plagued with battles involving some of the very merchants he loathed and worked against in past lives, which put a damper on his financial success.

Although our findings show that personal destiny is the number one determinant of financial status, we believe that negative karmic thought impressions (sometimes also part of immutable destiny) carried over into this lifetime also have implications.

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