The new F1 fans have revealed themselves on… Netflix

Lhe new Formula 1 season kicks off in a week (March 28) in Bahrain. But as of this Friday, it will undoubtedly hold the attention of a few (tens of) thousands of Netflix subscribers who are stamping their feet at the approach of the third season of “Drive to survive” (entitled “Pilotes de leur destin” in French , which is much less glamorous), the series shot since 2019 behind the scenes of the Grands Prix. “All my friends have become fans of F1 whereas before, they did not care! », Testifies Charles (20 years) about this series which had the effect of interesting a new public in the exploits of Lewis Hamilton and the intrigues of the paddock (especially). “Seeing the number of people who interact on our social networks by mentioning that they came to F1 thanks to Netflix is ​​another edifying indicator,” confirms the spokesperson for a team.

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