Tips for Freelance Technical Writers: How to Find a Good Digital Content Specialist

In order for your products and services to sell well in the market, you need to present them to your audience in a simplified way. People cannot digest complex information, so you must simplify it. This is where technical writers or digital content specialists come in. They simplify the complex. But how do you find a good one?

Among the things you can consider when hiring your technical writer are effective communication skills, experience in your industry, and satisfied clients that you can verify. Apart from these, you can find the best writer by following these tips.

Make your own list of references.

As you read any business material, such as brochures or even websites, you will find an interesting and easy-to-understand writing article. Despite the technical nature of the topic, it is presented with attractive and straightforward content. What you should do is write down the name of the writer for future reference. You may also want to learn more about him or her through their business connections.

Read the writer’s portfolio before hiring.

Every technical writer has their own style of writing. Make sure this look matches your brand’s specific voice. Seek clarity as well. So that you can gauge how the writing impacts your readers, try passing the portfolio on to other people in your business.

Know your needs and match the skill of the writer.

Generally speaking, a good technical writer has a wide range of skills and characteristics. But know also that not all technical writing is the same. A writer for the pharmaceutical industry may not need exactly the high level of technical understanding that writers in the arms defense industry possess. Your brand may require a higher degree of technical knowledge than others. Make sure to match technical skill.

Hire a writer with multiple credentials and experience.

Think versatility. Freelance technical writers can work for you as they can do more than just produce content. With the nature of their work, they have gained quite a bit of other experience that you can benefit from.

Listen to your writer’s recommendations.

Prepare for innovative thinking. The writer you choose will suggest some solutions that can further improve your documentation. Listen carefully to these fresh and clever ideas.

Millions of people can digest and appreciate basic information. Keep in mind that people don’t buy what they can’t understand. Hire a digital content specialist to present what you sell in a more readable and understandable way so you can attract more customers.

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