Toshiba NB310 Review: A Great, Affordable Netbook With Lots Of Advantages!

If you have read any Toshiba NB310 consumer reviews, you will know that this mini notebook has many advantages and almost no disadvantages. It does everything you would expect from a netbook. It has a long battery life (up to 9 hours), a good keyboard, touchpad, bright 10.1 “screen, 802.11n Wi-Fi, optional wireless LAN support, and more.

Its processor is a 1.6 GHz Intel Atom N280, which is just standard performance. However, as long as you don’t plan to run a bunch of apps at once or play graphics-heavy games, this processor will meet your expectations. If you want something more powerful, you should consider getting a regular laptop.

The Toshiba NB310 has a pretty good setup, with its 3 USB ports, webcam, VGA port, microphone and headphone jacks, 160GB hard drive, and an SDHC card reader. As mentioned above, its 6-cell battery keeps it going for a LONG time. All of this is packed in a package that weighs less than 3 pounds.

One thing you can be sure of is the mobile performance of this machine! This little device maintains a stronger Internet connection than most other netbooks. You can expect to stay connected while you go about your daily activities on the Internet. You can stream music, send instant messages, check your email, surf the web, and more.

Although there are not many configuration options, you can still upgrade to 2GB of RAM. You can also order this netbook without the keyboard and island cover. The system comes with a host of software, including Bluetooth Stack, PC Health Monitor, ConfigFree, etc. While you can get this netbook for less than $ 400, you can still find Toshiba NB310 discounts online.

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