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I have learned over the years that one of the most effective ways to deal with a difficult situation is to be busy or distracted. Too much time to “think” can be very dangerous. The greatest gift we can give ourselves is a project or activity that keeps us busy and at the same time extremely enjoyable.

Several months ago, a box of young kittens was left on the side of the road near my summer camp, Adventure Valley Day Camp. Since there are no coincidences in life, I think it was bound to be that someone happened to walk by and hear the kittens crying in the box. The next thing I knew, I was at the vet with three adorable, healthy, young kittens.

I saw this as a gift from the Universe: something wonderful to be busy with and an opportunity to make a difference. It’s also remarkable how animals have such a natural ability to show gratitude and appreciation. My vet told me that there is a desperate need for foster homes for young kittens and that due to the shortage of foster homes, healthy kittens are being euthanized every day.

We immediately transformed my daughter’s bedroom and adjoining bathroom into a kitty nursery: litter box, food and water bowls, comfy pet bed, and lots of toys.

The kittens required a lot of time and attention, but they were an absolute joy. Within a few weeks they were plump and old enough to be adopted.

We find wonderful homes for them and have heard from families that they are precious and beloved pets.

We have since become an official kitten rescue home and welcomed a new litter of 4 very young kittens left in a box outside Petsmart. We bottle-fed and sand-trained these little kittens, and have watched them grow into absolutely adorable and loving little pets. They love to play together and zoom around chasing each other. They are in excellent health, fully litter box trained, playful, cuddly, entertaining and highly sociable. They love a lot of attention!

It is a pleasure to be busy taking care of these kittens and I look forward to finding them wonderful homes. When you first look at a litter of tiny kittens, the work and time involved in caring for them can seem overwhelming and scary. That’s where my sense of determination and desire to take on a challenge jumps in! That feeling of empowerment, the idea of ​​helping, doing something worthwhile, achieving and being successful, drives me to JUST DO IT!

Dream. Visualize. conceived. Believe. Be persistent. Never give up. I will persevere! I’m worth it! I can do it!

Nothing builds self-esteem, self-confidence and a feeling of empowerment like a significant challenge followed by an achievement. At the core of the concept of empowerment is the idea of ​​the ability to solve a problem, to have a purpose, to do something important. Realizing that you have the desire and ability to care for dependent little kittens, and that because of your tender love and care, they can be healthy, content, and playful, is incredibly empowering.

I firmly believe that there is nothing that generates a more empowering feeling than doing something meaningful and important.

Ironically, the reality is that you will soon discover that it is not such a big company after all.

When you rescue kittens, you’re doing something important. You are giving these animals a second chance. You’re keeping them alive. They will cry for you, they need and depend on you, and they will love and cherish you with unconditional love and gratitude.

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