What You Need To Know About Chihuahua Breeding

If you have decided that a Chihuahua puppy is the best pet for you, you will have no trouble finding a Chihuahua breeder to purchase your puppy. However, during your search you may also come in contact with various breeders who do not breed their Chihuahuas responsibly. When it comes to Chihuahua breeding, it is important to shop around and ask the right questions when selecting the best breeder for you. There are some guidelines you can follow that will help determine if a breeder is raising their dogs responsibly to help ensure you receive a healthy, good-natured, and attractive puppy.

Never rush to buy a dog. Keep in mind that Chihuahuas can live 18 years or more, so this pet will be a long-term commitment. You will want to find a puppy that is healthy and raised with care to prevent possible genetic defects and disease.

There are many steps you can take to ensure that the breeder you select practices responsible Chihuahua breeding. First, check with state or national Chihuahua clubs for a list of reputable breeders in your area. The American Kennel Club is another good source for responsible breeders of all types of dogs. Your vet may have names of good Chihuahuas breeders and friends of Chihuahuas can also point you in the right direction. The publications will also have lists for Chihuahua breeders, so look at your local pet supply store for these magazines and trade publications. If you attend dog events like obedience classes and agility trials, you may also be able to collect breeder names.

Another good place to look for chihuahua breeders is the Internet. If you can find a breeder in your area, you will be able to visit and check the location and the dogs for yourself. If not, you’ll want to take a few extra precautions to ensure that the breeder you select practices responsible Chihuahua breeding so that you get the healthy dog ​​you’re looking for.

Finding a chihuahua breeder is the first step. The next step will be to ensure that the breeder you select practices responsible Chihuahua breeding. This can be done by first interviewing the potential breeder about some of their policies regarding their dogs. A responsible breeder will examine their dogs for hereditary problems such as dislocated patella and eye diseases, which are often seen in the Chihuahua breed.

If you have dogs that have tested positive for these problems, they should not be used in the breeding process. Responsible breeders will also allow you to meet with one or both of your puppy’s parents if possible, so you can see the dog’s temperament and appearance.

The breeding area should be clean and the puppies should look clean and healthy. Your breeder should be concerned about the house your pup is going to, and not just interested in making a sale. If you follow these guidelines, your chances of finding a responsible Chihuahua breeding person are good and you can buy a puppy that will bring you years of fun.

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