Zimbabwe in crisis

With no water, no food and inflation running at 4500%, and that’s just part of the problems facing Zimbabwe today, the Think Tank Online inquiry said. In fact, what could we say except: “I hope all is well, in fact 4500% inflation is a scary thought.” So we thought well how did all these problems come about? So we ask:

What are your thoughts on the grabbing of “white farmers’ land” and how far along are you on a viable Economic Plan for Zimbabwe?

In college, I did a report on the Zimbabwean economy, as my macroeconomics professor was English and had lived there for many years. Zimbabwe has resources and many things going for it. It is a transvestite to see how things have turned out. It’s time to turn that ship around, easier said than done. But unfortunately, this gentleman has a complete economic recovery plan. So we ask him;

How committed are you to this project? Is this the current mission of your life? Are you willing to work with me and make an e-book citing the “real issues” to send a clear message to the world of the crisis and raise awareness and lay out your plan in the e-book and have it ready for Davos 2008 as you prepare? the powers that be?

Can you finish your proposal and e-book and get a copy of your proposal down to the bottom dollar in cost, resources needed, timelines, and proformas showing best and worst case scenarios by then? If so, we must start at once. What is your schedule like between school, can you take on this amount of work, and will your teachers also help get this report/ebook into academic circulation?

And so a new project was born, what would you like to do to change the world? Think about it and contact us when you decide.

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