Approaching a sexually confident woman sitting or standing with a group of women

I’ve read advice from “experts” telling men to walk up to a group of women and “ignore” the “hot” woman in their eyes. The ‘experts’ tell men that chatting up all the other women in the group and intentionally ignoring the “hot” woman makes the man look confident and dominant (aka alpha male) and, in turn, will make let the “hot” woman of the group chase him. This is possibly the worst advice I’ve ever read on how to approach a woman. This kind of approach can, I said “can” work with insecure women with very low self-esteem (why not just go to the street corner and pay for sex then?).

A sexually confident woman with high self-esteem knows how “special” she is. She will not be caught off guard by a man trying to lower his value in order to feel “on top” of her game. Most likely she will. dismiss that man as a “player” with a bad game, not even an actor but a non-game character, and he’ll go looking elsewhere for the man who plays the game at his own level.

Our hearts and souls are finely tuned to be attracted to a man or woman who treats us as if we are the center of their universe. The best way to approach a confident woman sitting or standing with a group of friends or other women is to make her feel unique and different from others. Make her feel special. Send the message “You the one I want, not them!”

1. Introduce yourself by walking towards the group and placing your arm gently but firmly over the woman you are interested in as if to say “she’s blocking my way.” Smile as you guide her to the side, and do it slow and gentle. “Please” with a charming smile will catch her attention quickly!

2. Pass your eyes casually over others and let your gaze rest on her. Even as you introduce yourself to the group, make sure your eyes don’t leave her face for too long. Make it seem like you’re introducing yourself to her over and over again.

3. Compliment her. Women go out of their way to look better than the next woman, and are very flattered when someone notices their effort. congratulate her Not something like “you look great”, that’s just how can I say… uninspiring. Say something specific like “I like your hair” or “that color looks great on you” etc.

4. After you’ve introduced yourself, don’t try to chat with her and all her friends at once. Make it very obvious to everyone (more so to her) that the reason you’re there is because of this special someone. Ask specific questions about her. Even if you’re talking to her friends, find a way to talk about her. Like “Are you having fun ladies? What’s up with Christine, are you having fun?” etc

5. Do not settle as if you had arrived. Even if she has shown some initial interest, apologize and promise to come back later to talk to her – I said talk to her. Leave the same way you came, putting your arm gently but firmly over her with a smile.

6. Allow plenty of time for your friends to tease your interest in her and for feelings to start to build before you return. You want her to want you back.

The point is to make her feel special. When you make someone feel special and unique, they will in return feel that you are special and unique too. It is not a question of seeking your approval but of a contractual exclusivity played consciously and wisely by both parties.

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