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Everyone loves lovely skin, skin that is free from pimples, dark spots, and fine lines. But few are those who care to put effort and makeup to keep skin clear and healthy. Pointing out the reasons for it to laziness or lack of time will not be enough to excuse yourself. It is not that difficult and time consuming if you opt for natural ways to maintain good looking and healthy skin. Ayurvedic treatment for acne and pimples can provide you with a permanent solution by controlling excessive sebum production, which is the main cause of acne.

Being a very generic problem, acne or pimple is a long-term skin related disorder. It occurs when hair follicles on the face, chest and back become clogged with dead skin cells or when there is excessive production of sebum (an oily substance) by sebaceous glands attached to these hair follicles. Sebum is really good for the skin. It acts as a natural moisturizer that protects the skin from dryness. But various factors such as hormonal imbalance, pollution, stress and certain medications (such as steroids, oral contraceptives, drugs) cause the sebaceous glands to produce excess sebum. As a result, our skin begins to shed dead skin cells at a higher rate, which combines with excess oil. Propionibacterium acnes bacteria also get into the mix, causing the skin’s pores to become clogged. This clogged display is what we call grain.

Blackheads, whiteheads, cysts, nodules, papules, and pustules are the different types of pimples. Each one has its own level of severity, but they all start with clogged pores. Pimples generally affect the areas of the face, neck, shoulders, and back.

Pimples are considered a normal part of puberty. About 85% of adolescents have acne during adulthood. Also, people experiencing hormonal changes like those that occur during pregnancy, depression, and stress are more likely to develop pimples. Some data also reveals that pimple breakout is a gender-specific skin problem. Females are more susceptible than males. This is because women experience a menstrual flow that activates the hormones that cause pimples.

The exact reason why some people get acne while others don’t is still unclear. There are many factors like heredity, eating habits, age factor that can develop acne and pimples. Although not considered a critical condition, severe pimples can cause permanent scarring. Therefore, it is important to know the do’s and don’ts to keep your skin acne free.


• If you use cosmetic or sunscreen creams and lotions, make sure they are labeled “non-comedogenic.” This label ensures that the product will not clog your pores.

• Don’t wash your face too often. Washing twice a day with a mild soap is enough.

• Don’t ignore pimples. However, the appearance of one or two pimples is normal.

not to do

• Do not rub or squeeze your pimple

• Avoid irritating cosmetics

• Maintain hygiene

There are no serious health risks associated with pimples, but pimples affect a person’s self-esteem. Therefore, it is good if one takes immediate action on the development of pimples. Pimples are easily treatable and resolve within a few days to a few weeks. There are countless cosmetic products on the market that claim to cure pimples. But the downside is that these products take a long time. However, Ayurvedic treatment for pimples is a proven method to cure pimples effectively in a short period of time.

Apart from Ayurvedic treatment, various home remedies can also be adopted to cure pimples:

• Egg whites are a good source of protein and vitamins. In addition, they absorb excess oil from the skin, that is, excess sebum. Apply a whipped mixture of egg whites on the affected area.

• Raw papaya is beneficial for numerous skin related problems. It contains an enzyme called papain, which helps reduce inflammation and pus formation.

• Vitamin C rejuvenates skin cells. A paste made from orange peels and water, if applied to problem areas, can improve clogged pores.

• Tea tree oil is beneficial for acne. It is not oily in nature. Helps unblock pores.

• Banana peels contain lutein, a powerful antioxidant. Rub banana peels in a circular motion over your face. Reduces inflammation and redness of acne.

• Aloe vera gel can fight acne. It also has an antibacterial property which in turn hinders the growth of bacteria. Apply the gel on the face and wash off after 20 minutes with cold water.

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