Black Widow Body Kits – Distinctive and Sexy

A very popular car body kit is the black widow body kit. This kit has gained popularity over the years due in large part to its sleek and simple design elements. It is also a very reasonably priced body kit and is compatible with many makes and models of vehicles. The Black Widow kit comes with a front bumper and side skirts, an “intake” port, and a two-port exhaust rear bumper. This kit is also known as the Spyder body kit and the BW style.

The kit is made for many Honda models, such as the Prelude, CRX, Civic, and Accord. It is also made for many Acura models like Integra and RSX. The kit is also made for Ford Focus and Mustang, Mitsubishi Eclipse and Dodge Neon.

The Black Widow kit is made by many different body kit manufacturers. This fiberglass body kit is manufactured by many popular fiberglass manufacturing companies such as VIS Racing, AIT, Ground Dynamics, Extreme Dimensions, and Sarona Design. Of course, that does not mean that all manufacturers are the same. Make sure you spend a lot of time shopping before choosing which manufacturer to buy from.

This kit is very reasonably priced with most manufacturers charging around $ 700 for the front and rear bumpers, and the left and right side skirts. This price is before shipping and handling costs, so be sure to include that price in your budget. You can also get specific parts if you don’t want to get the full kit.

Before purchasing the kit, make sure you have a qualified auto body shop ready to do the installation. The best kit in the world won’t look as good if it’s not installed properly. Make sure the person you trust for your installation knows how to sand, prime, fill gaps, shave and trim. Often times the pieces will need a little “refinement” to get the best fit and finish. If the shop or person you plan to hire is inexperienced, you could pay more and / or have a poor result when the job is done.

If your kit is being shipped directly to the person who will be installing it, make sure they review your order carefully before accepting it. They should make sure that all parts are included, as well as verify that the parts are in good condition and not damaged.

No matter how much you love your car, you can almost always improve its style and performance. Black widow body kits are an excellent and very popular choice for many makes and models. If you decide that the entire kit, or just a few parts, is the best option for you, be sure to research the manufacturer carefully before making a purchase. Kits can be great, but not all manufacturers are created equal. Also, don’t entrust your installation to just anyone, make sure the shop or person you choose for your installation knows what they are doing.

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