Cheap high-tech products: how to avoid the trap of Chinese products

SOn the internet when you are looking for a PC or a smartphone at -very- good price, for very light use such as surfing or word processing, it does not take long to come across a slew of cheap Chinese goods. Brands unknown to the battalion and offering engaging computer models with elegant lines, reasonable technical characteristics and very aggressive prices, often below the 300 euros mark. But if these offers seem attractive, it is better to remain cautious.

On paper, frankly, everything is rolling: an Intel processor, a 13-inch full HD screen, a small 64 gigabyte hard drive, 4GB of ram, all for less than 300 euros, it looks neat and without burr. With a spec sheet like this, you shouldn’t expect to play around, process photos, or edit videos. On the other hand, for a word processing, internet surfing and Netflix evening triptych, that’s enough. But in practice, it may well get stuck.

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