How to play Bunny Hunt Paintball

When it comes to paintball, you have many different ways to play. These may be different rules and / or specific goals that are set for each type of paintball game. Bunny Hunt is just one of the many ways you can play paintball and we will go into detail on how to play this type of paintball game correctly.

First of all, there needs to be one person who plays against many others. So the way the teams are set up would be that the bunny is an individual and the hunters would be a bunch of people. The bunny would be someone who willingly wants to be the bunny. Also, the bunny has more privileges than hunters, such as being able to use a semi-automatic paintball marker, as well as a garbage can lid to use as a shield.

Hunters are also restricted to carrying only a certain number of paintballs on them. Typically 20-30 paintballs. Where the bunny can have as many paintballs as he wants. It’s really up to you how long to set the time for the game, but generally rabbit hunting games can last 20-30 minutes. The bunny starts five minutes before the hunters. Also, hits to the rabbits’ shield will not count as an elimination shot. The referee gives a signal to the rabbit to start play. Also, all hunters start at the same time from the same zone. If the Hunters run out of paint, they will be eliminated and will have to stay out of the game.

Obviously, if any hunter is hit, they are out of the game and cannot reveal the location of the bunny to other members of the hunt who are still playing. If you are the bunny, it is best to keep moving and not stay in one place. Try to take hunters one at a time instead of targeting all of them at once. Hunters better have some limbs up front firing a few shots in some spots that could be a hiding area to get the bunny out of hiding. And eventually being able to catch the bunny in the corner.

Bunny hunt is an amazing game if it’s the end of the day and everyone is low on paint and wants to play one or two more games before the day is out.

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