Media – So far the highest public spending on advertising

The public sector spent EUR 222 million on advertising in the previous year. This is – also influenced by the advertising campaigns to combat the corona pandemic – more than ever since the media transparency data was reported in 2012. The previous record from 2013 (201 million euros) was exceeded by around 21 million euros, compared with 2019 the expenditure by around 44 million euros, as can be seen from the data published by RTR on Monday.

The federal government advertised around 47.3 million euros. That is more than twice as much as in 2019 with 19.3 million euros and, above all, owed to the Corona advertisements. Accordingly, the Chancellery spent the most by far with around 21 million euros (2019: 1.4 million euros). This is followed by the Ministry of Finance, which is also run by the ÖVP (2020: 8.9 million euros; 2019: 7.4 million euros). The Green Ministry of Health proceeded very sparingly with its advertising expenditure: it came to 369,000 euros. A large part of the government’s advertising expenditure is accounted for by ÖVP-led ministries (44.3 million euros or 93.7 percent).

Chamber of Labor cut its spending

The city of Vienna also recorded an increase in advertising expenditure in the year of the municipal council election, from around 19.2 million euros in 2019 to 24.2 million euros. If you add the participations of the City of Vienna, the amount increases to around 35.2 million euros. The Chamber of Commerce came to 16.3 million euros in advertising expenditure, the ORF around 10 million euros. Contrary to the trend, the Chamber of Labor reduced its expenditure from 5.5 million euros in 2019 to around 5 million euros in 2020. Companies with federal participation advertised by 16 million euros.

A large chunk of the total went to the tabloid media, including their online portals and supplements. The “Kronen Zeitung” (including online) generated around 25.9 million euros from public advertisements (2019: 19.1 million euros). “Today” (still with Netdoktor) came to around 16 million euros (2019: 12.2 million euros) and “Austria” (including to 15 million euros (2019: 11.5 million euros). The ORF achieved 24.3 million euros from advertising income from the public sector (2019: 20.4 million euros).

To international platforms

The federal government let advertisements in the “Kronen Zeitung” (including supplements and online portals) cost around 8.4 million euros. In “Today” she advertised around 5.5 million euros. “Austria” received 5.3 million euros. The ORF came to 834,000 euros in advertising income from the federal government. The City of Vienna advertised for 3.7 million euros in “Heute”, 3.5 million euros in the “Kronen Zeitung” and 2.7 million euros in “Austria”. The City of Vienna advertised around one million euros on ORF.

Public sector advertising expenditure on international platforms also continued to rise in line with the trend that has been going on for years. On Google (including Youtube), the government, federal states and state-owned companies advertised for 8.1 million euros in the previous year (2019: 7.1 million euros). Facebook received 4.9 million euros (2019: 3.3 million euros). (apa)

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