Children’s book – Imagination defeats the home office rut

Home office is wonderful – say people who have no children and can therefore work at home in peace. However, anyone who has to combine care duties with work assignments would be happy to get back to the office quickly. Albertine (illustrations) and Germano Zullo (text) also have this topic in their new picture book “Du, what are you doing?” picked up – probably directly from one’s own life. Because it’s about a great one (the writer Roberto) and a little one (his presumed daughter Marie) who are at home together: he in the home office to write, she in technical boredom. And so it happens, as it has to happen: “Robääärto!” Whines the little one, who doesn’t understand that the big one is at home, but has no time for her (does that sound familiar to you?).

Roberto actually takes time for Marie, but in her opinion much too short. And so she takes over the helm and includes him in a story that she now tells, about an evil frog, a good fairy and an even more evil monster. In the end, the child’s fantasy prevails over adult duties, because Roberto actually lets go of his PC work and turns to Marie. And who knows, maybe the picture book “You, what are you doing?” yes, it was actually created exactly in this way. Then this would be the best evidence that the time we give our children is anything but wasted time.

Albertine & Germano Zullo: You, what are you doing right now?
Aladin; 88 pages; from 4 years; 17.50 euros
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