Why caregivers, at the very heart of the medical system, refuse to be vaccinated: “We have the impression of being vaccine testers without our knowledge of our own accord”

Pressure from their management, fear of possible side effects, lack of choice on the vaccine, caregivers testify.

With 31 years of career to her credit, including 26 years in intensive care in a large Brussels hospital, Julie (assumed name) decided that she would not be vaccinated against Covid-19. And she fully assumes her choice.

“I am not anti-vaccine. It’s the pressure that bothers me. Besides, it is not mandatory with us. But it is as if I have no choice or my say. The employer decides what type of vaccine to administer and it is when he wants it. I have had the Covid, I have antibodies and even if they do not always remain, I do not want to be vaccinated for the moment”, justifies this 53-year-old caregiver.

For this doctor, it is also the liabilities of the manufacturer of the American vaccine which played in the balance. “The minister said that we did not have the right to choose. However, here with Pfizer, we know that they have lawsuits on their backs and that they have signed agreements with the government to discharge the consequences vaccine and especially side effects. Moreover, clinical research should not be completed for months. Here, we see many caregivers who refuse the vaccine without being against. We have the right to want to wait a little, d ‘be enlightened on the side effects when we see what it can cause. We have seen embolisms, high fevers. These are not small symptoms but we do not talk about them in the media. Without being a conspirator, we are entitled to question. “

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