Wiener Journal – Bodyguard, Season 1

Ex-soldier David Budd brought his demons with him from the war (which cost him his marriage), but still works as a bodyguard for a special unit of the London police. During a private trip, he prevented a suicide attack on a train, whereupon his boss promoted him to the personal bodyguard of Interior Minister Julia Montague. This not only advocates foreign war missions by the British military, but also wants to pass a law on total digital surveillance because of the terrorist threat. Montague stands for everything that Budd despises. The easier it is for him to be manipulated by opponents of the politician, but at the same time begins an affair with the interior minister. But then two attacks turn his life completely upside down.
After ten minutes at the latest, you know that you have to watch all six episodes in one go – unbelievably exciting, full of twists, with multi-layered characters, a topicality that makes you shudder, and great actors: definitely watch! And don’t give up hope for a second season …

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